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Programas para bebés y niños pequeños

She, Her

Pregnant and Hungry

Pregnant and Hungry is a subscription-based website featuring simple, pregnancy-safe recipes for the modern mama-to-be. We're the only searchable collection of pregnancy-friendly recipes on the internet, every wholesome recipe is developed by women, for women. Eating for two? We got you.

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Barbara County, CA, USA

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Herbalist


Wildflower Medicine

I offer nutritional coaching services and herbal care products for pregnancy and postpartum. Postpartum Food Prep is my online program which teaches postnatal nutrition (nutrient repletion and nutrition for breastfeeding) and make-ahead freezer meal prep. Prep healthy meals now (ideal during pregnancy) and eat later (when baby arrives) to help make mealtime smoother and healthier!

(805) 616-4061

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Barbara County, CA, USA

Certified Massage Therapy, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, Prenatal & Postnatal Instructors

Saunter Yoga and Wellness

Saunter Yoga and Wellness offers a wide range of wellness services to help heal the body, mind, and soul. Massage therapy is available, including prenatal massage, integrative nutrition health coaching for any stage of life, and a wide range of yoga classes, including prenatal and postnatal. Yoga is offered in the studio, outdoors, and for private and group settings in order to provide yoga for everyone in our community.

(559) 707-6308

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Health Coach

The Pure Rose Collective

Hi! I am a registered Health Coach and help women with emotional eating and self care lose weight and keep it off! I help women get past restriction, bingeing and dieting and focus on self love, self care, and intuitive eating for weight loss.

(805) 264-1824

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Maria, CA, USA

Lompoc, CA, USA

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