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Comprometidos con la Misión, Visión y Valores de CCCN.

Dedicado a los profesionales del parto y el bienestar y la comunidad de la Costa Central.

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Emily Cracknell (She/Her)

Birth & Postpartum Doula

My name is Emily, and I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula serving SLO County & Northern Santa Barbara County. I believe in empowering women to cherish their bodies and their ability to create life. I implement the philosophy of "mothering the mother" into all my services. I am passionate about encouraging Mothers and their families to achieve the pregnancy and birth they desire with the education and support they deserve. I specialize in essential oil use and hypnobirthing. I aim to provide clients with a better understanding of informed consent, be given evidence-based knowledge, and build a village to encourage, celebrate, and care for you and your family.

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Sheryl Gross (She/Her)

Mom, Doula, IBCLC

My name is Sheryl Gross.  My favorite role ever was mother to my 2 beautiful daughters who are now grown women.  Their births inspired me to be a support to other families in their journeys. After years of helping friends with their babies, I became a Doula in 2016 and then an IBCLC in 2019 so I could use my passion to help other families.

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