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July 2021: Central Coast Childbirth Network Newsletter

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

We are always so thankful to connect with YOU, our CCCN Members and local community members.


Hello Central Coast!

Can you believe it's July already? We have been seeing so many of our CCCN Members sharing fun and meaningful events, as well as planning special events and celebrating togetherness once again. We are also planning some fun and educational events and will be announcing one of them in about a week! We are all about connecting information in a positive and easy-to-digest way. You may have seen some of our interns work this past month with some informative content pieces written about important conversations about baby bonding as well as a father-figure or caregiver's role in bonding. We have a lot of informative content coming out over the summer and later this fall on a range of preconception through the first year-year of parenting topics. Have a topic you want to learn more about or if you are a professional, and want to educate the community? Send us a message!

We value support, connection and, respect and are working on getting some in-person connections between providers going once again. Upcoming this month we will have some changes to our CCCN Board roles as we are excited to be finally appointing a new Vice-President! This past year, we all have had to pivot and make adjustments and are so thankful for the work Susannah Brown has given us as interim Vice-President. She will be continuing to serve on the Board as well as lead the Professionals to Community Program. We are committed to bringing the community and our professionals the best leaders possible and are always looking for more mission-driven driven minds. If you find our mission speaking to you, or know of someone who might fit in send us a message and we can find a way for you to make meaningful contributions to the CCCN and the Central Coast community.

We hope your July is full of celebration, and that you make time to connect with what supports your spiritual and wellness journey. For many of us, that means outside family time, hiking, beach days, long drives, and for others that might look like unplugging and journaling or connecting with a provider who supports that journey. However that looks for you, remember we are here for you and if you need resources or support follow our social media and website updates, and check out our resources and member directory for providers who can help.

Share with us your spiritual and connective wellness photos all July with the hashtag #cccnconnect.

“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life."—Maya Angelou


Twice a year, we send out membership information and a whole lot of appreciation. This year we were able to give our members a custom lanyard and custom seed paper. We've enjoyed growing with our members and community! Thank you, #CCCNMembers, for supporting our Mission and Vision! We have an online directory with over 40 Birth and Wellness Professionals. They support the community from Preconception through the First Year of Parenting. We are grateful for CCCN's #cccnmembers and the heartwork we get to do with all of you in our community! The CCCN to Professionals Program integrates our values: Respect, Support, Collaborate; with birth and wellness professionals to support our mission here on the Central Coast. Click on the picture to see our previous IG post and see what our CCCN Members are saying about their membership. Learn more about Central Coast Childbirth Network programs and membership at

Photo Credit: Alexandria Porter, CCCN Member


Since Fall 2020, Our President, Zabrina Cox, has had the opportunity to represent CCCN on the Bridges to Resilience Planning Team for the Bridges to Resilience: ACES Aware Conference for the tri-counties region. This event took place virtually on June 9th and included over 900 registrants!“This was such a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ACES and the impacts of ACES on the child and family. There are key resources in our community that foster healthy relationships in families. A vital stage of development we represent is from Preconception through the first year of parenting. Building connections in our community with other organizations, our CCCN Members, and families fosters our Mission and Values. Thank you to the Chair and co-chairs: Barb Finch (KIDS Network), Florene Bednersh (Children and Family Resource Services), Terri Allison (Resilient Santa Barbara County) of the planning team for the amazing work you are doing in the community and to the many other organizations who supported this event. " Zabrina Cox, President

Check out CCCN and other local resources in the tri-counties region in the conference Resource Hall.

Read our IG post for day of the event comments and pictures.


Check out our most recent collaboration with Tawny Sterios as we discussed Spiritual and Connective Wellness for our July Coffee Connection event!

click here.

Tawny shared with us how she has evolved her Qoya classes to include Virtual options and that it has given many women the safe space to join in that may have otherwise avoided the in-person sessions. In the same fashion, in 2020, Tawny began offering virtual Yoga classes; check out all offerings on her website.

We wrapped up our event with an 18 Minute Meditation that can be done anywhere! Listen to that meditation on Spotify by clicking here!


Early this month, we announced our new interns joining the Professionals to Community (PtC) program here at CCCN! Click the image to learn more about who they are and their goals for supporting the CCCN in Summer 2021! They are contributing with: Informative Content, Website, Newsletter, Virtual Directory, Designing a Physical Directory Tri-fold, Data and Statistics research, Infographics, and so much more.


Birth and wellness professionals and parents: Learn more about July Awareness Months and Days on our recent blog post here.


We are getting ready to announce our second event series from the CCCN to Professionals program. The CtP program normally puts on learning opportunities just for professionals, but we thought this event would be so fun, we have decided to open it up to everyone in the community! It's happening soon. Follow our social media and blog in the coming days to learn more about registering for this FREE event! Subscribe now and stay connected.


Our Board meetings are on the second Wednesday of every other month. 11:00 AM-1:00 PM * exceptions July 7th

In August, we will wish Dr. Lindsey Faucette farewell from the CCCN Board of Directors. Lindsey’s instrumental support growing CCCN has helped shape our organization’s Mission, Vision and Values. Lindsey’s contributions have included valuable connections and resources, including a meeting space for meetings and contributions during our October 2020 Board retreat. Most importantly, our organization is grateful for the time and commitment Dr. Faucette has given as a Board of Director. Please join us in thanking Dr. Lindsey Faucette for her service and dedication to the Central Coast Childbirth Network.


Did you hear? CCCN is on!

Navigating CCCN Programs and resources just got easier! We are now on @centralcoastCN.

Are you a local non-profit? If so, you can get for free with a non-profit discount!

Head over to our Instagram page or click our unique link!


We are excited to announce that CCCN has an Amazon Wishlist. Learn more about our wishlist and how you can help.

Current requests: Printer, Ink, Copy Paper, Envelopes, Binders, Dividers

We always welcome donations of new items that are birth and wellness related or items of appreciation that could be used to thank our speakers, interns, volunteers, for giveaways, or if we see a community or professional need.

We also could use a food and beverage donation or discount for 5 members of our all-volunteer Board for their 2022 and beyond planning retreat happening sometime between mid-September to early November.

If you or your business would like to make a tax-deductible donation of items/goods/services we would appreciate it!

Know someone who can support one of our needs? Please reach out, as we try to keep our costs to a minimum so we can focus on high-impact programming.


This awesome B.R.A.I.N.E.D. infographic is printed and available to CCCN Members. Local businesses or organizations, please inquire. Available in both English and Spanish. Contact: to request more.

So your expecting a little one…A lot of information and questions begin in a childbirth education class or parenting classes during pregnancy and postpartum.

Do you plan to take a childbirth or parenting class or did you take a childbirth/parenting class? Click on the image to Read through our five part Childbirth Education Q & A we recently shared on Instagram to learn more.

Lots of new events happening! For more upcoming events, check out our community calendar. Do you have an event you want to share? Email us at or tag us on IG!


Local Resources for business support


Latest COVID-19 resources for re-opening your business.


Click on the links below to read our previous Newsletters.








All of us serve our community every day. Let's serve together with smiles, laughter, and heartwork. "Heartwork. Your purpose. Your art. Will land in the hears it's meant to. You won't be for everyone, but you are for someone. And to that someone, what you have to give matters. and that's the beginning of everything." - Danielle Doby With Gratitude, The CCCN Team Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected.

Is there anything you would like shared in our newsletter? We are happy to share any business/professional accomplishments or news updates. Please email Zabrina at

Mission: To provide a diverse network of birth and wellness professionals who are committed to inform, educate, and advocate for the individual needs of Central Coast families from preconception through the first year of parenting.

*Due to COVID-19, our programs and services have changed drastically. In order to continue to provide support, education, and resources to the birth and wellness community on the Central Coast, we rely on funding through donations and CCCN membership. Any monetary donation is always appreciated and tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

Newsletter made possible by:

Julianna LaCoco, CCCN Summer 2021 Intern

Bernice Nuñez, CCCN Summer 2021 Intern

Susannah Brown & Zabrina Cox, CCCN Directors


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