June 2021: Central Coast Childbirth Network Newsletter

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

We are always so thankful to connect with YOU, our CCCN Members and local community members.


It's June! That means we are halfway through the year and we anticipate it to be an active Summer. As we continue our second year as a non-profit and envision in-person settings, we are dedicated now more than ever to continue to support birth and wellness professionals and families on the Central Coast. We miss you! We've got some exciting announcements to share this month that strengthen and grow our programs and commitments.

This month, we will highlight our Summer Interns, and Childbirth Education Resources. Representing CCCN, President/CEO Zabrina Cox was on the planning team for the Bridges to Resilience Conference that occurred on June 9th. "This has been a phenomenal opportunity to join forces with tri-counties resources to build Central Coast care networks that are trauma-informed and resiliency-focused. There are so many dedicated advocates who are raising awareness about the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) for children, parents, and families on the Central Coast." Continue to learn more about great community events and locally in this month's newsletter.


You screened for ACEs. Now what? As a medical professional, you know that you should screen for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)—but where should you refer people for services? Find the resources and tri-county connections you need at BRIDGES TO RESILIENCE, a live virtual conference on June 9th. To learn more, visit www.BridgesToResilience.com. Visit Central Coast Childbirth Network in the Resource Hall!


Maternal mental health can be thought of as the “first ACE” (adverse childhood experience) which then cascades into physical and mental illness in the child and family for generations, playing a role in the perinatal physical health outcomes of both moms and their babies. View 2020 Mom and Jonathan Goldfinger, MD in a discussion that focuses on how doctors can address this in their scope of practice and how CA’s Surgeon General has prioritized ACE screening. Amanda Winn from HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) joined us as well with the research explaining why PACEs is the newly adopted term in the ACEs movement.

To learn more about 2020 mom click here.


Early this month, we announced our new interns joining the Professionals to Community (CtP) program here at CCCN! Click the image to learn more about who they are and their goals for supporting the CCCN in Summer 2021!


June 14th from 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Hosted by Jean Steel, on learning to manage stress and lengthen your life. RSVP by June 12th!