November Coffee Connection Highlight with Retail Products for Families on the Central Coast

This month we wanted to highlight local retail businesses and products available for families on the Central Coast! We had the amazing opportunity to host our first in-person event thanks to Marios and the team at Rock and Roll Diner in Oceano.

Our recent CCCN Coffee Connection co-host and CtP Program Director Zabrina Cox and CCCN Members spoke with local birth and wellness professionals about non-toxic and environmentally safe retail products. To learn more, connect with Ashley Murphy from Two Births Doula, Tinkle Bell Diaper Service, and Clare Ramirez from Wildflower Medicine on Instagram!

Here are a few highlights from this month's Coffee Connection:

Tinkle Belle Diapers Service delivers clean diapers and accessories to families on the Central Coast. The company's newest service is waste-to-energy disposable wipes and diapers—also, cloth diapering training is available to clients before and during service.

Cloth diapering can be environmentally friendly. Here are some interesting facts we learned:

  • Babies will have less diaper rash wearing cloth diapers as cloth diapers are soft, breathable, chemical, and fragrance-free.

  • One child can use up to 3000 diapers a year or 9000 diapers by the time they are potty trained, generally by three making diapers on the top ten list of largest products globally.

  • Disposable diapers take about 400-500 years to break down.

  • Using cloth diapers can cut down the length of potty training by one year.

Ashley Murphy with Two Births Doula created eight products for labor and postpartum in a newly launched product line, Skin to Skin. A frequent ingredient used in these products is Calendula which is grown in Ashley’s backyard!

As of right now, these products are available only through Ashley on her website. You can find these products soon in local stores. Look for these products at Sea + Green in Cambria. A Birthworkers discount is available now. Please visit Ashley's website for more information.

Clare Ramirez, the owner of Wildflower Medicine, is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and offers herbal products for pregnancy and postpartum with all organic ingredients and includes environmentally friendly packaging. You can find Clare at local SLO farmers markets, and is usually available for same-day local deliveries for products such as teas, tinctures, and herbal sitz bath. Learn more on her website here.

Clare currently offers an online program called Postpartum Food Prep for parents to learn about healthy and freezer-friendly make-ahead meals and lactation support nutrition. Learn more here.

Both Ashley and Clare describe using a sitz bath with herbs for healing in the postpartum period. Ashley and Clare shared a variety of ways to use an herbal sitz bath. Some ways to use the herbs is to cover in boiling water for 20 minutes, strain herbs or use an included muslin type bag and remove from water. Use the tea in a shallow bath, sitz bath in toilet, peri-bottle, or soak in make-ahead padsicles. Alternative uses include a foot bath.

For more information, we invite you to check out these Additional Resources:

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