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October 2021 Awareness Month Highlights


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month: October is the month we recognize pregnancy and infant loss. Tens of thousands of families across the U.S. each year experience loss and it is important to acknowledge those who may need additional help or support during this difficult time. One in four women will experience this type of loss at some point in their life, so it is important to remember you are not alone! We invite you to use the hashtag #1in4 to raise awareness and help reduce the stigma.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month allows families across the nation to share their stories and hopefully encourage others who are going through something similar to do the same. There has been research which confirms that sharing your story may give you therapeutic gains and also may help you acknowledge your pain to move forward. Recognizing and honoring your baby’s life and telling others about your story are some of the first steps you can take.

Check out local providers who offer bereavement support in the CCCN Member directory who can help you along this journey. Additional support is available on the CCCN website through a comprehensive list of web resources.

#CCCNmember SLO Birth and Doula Collective is offering a bereavement workshop on October 15 from 9am-4pm. ​​“Losing a baby is extremely hard, and many professionals are unsure of how to meet the needs of these families when such situations arise. During this bereavement workshop, we learn about the grief process and how, as medical professionals, we can become more comfortable and confident in the care we give to families suffering from loss.” -SLO Birth and Doula Collective

Just announced! A new podcast series called, Birth Ease Loss Support, is launching October 1st. Check out this podcast for education and healing support by visiting their Facebook page.

For more information surrounding bereavement and loss, click here to check out one of our blog posts authored by a previous CCCN intern surrounding the challenges of loss and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Sudden Infant Death Awareness Month: October brings awareness to SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), SIDS is used when an infant under the age of one died unexpectedly.

According to the CDC, about 3,400 babies die each year in the United States due to unsafe sleeping environments. It is important to learn about safe sleeping procedures to help reduce the risk of SIDS.

Local pediatricians, Dr. Patterson and Dr. Tedford, offer informative content surrounding safe sleep and ways to reduce suffocation.

The United States Consumer Product Commission also offers insight into safe sleep with reviewing crib and infant products. Ensure your sleeping arrangements for your child are up to date by using this online resource. If you choose to bedshare with baby, learn more from La Leche League International on ways to promote safe sleep with your baby. (Photo Credit: La Leche League International )


International Babywearing Week: International Babywearing week is an annual outreach event hosted by Babywearing International. This week promotes babywearing and the benefits that result from wearing or carrying your baby in a sling/carrier.

According to Healthline, babywearing can reduce crying, assist with breastfeeding, and promote health. Local Doula Rylee Ionascu offers local babywearing education and support. Click here to learn more about the benefits of babywearing and scheduling a consult!

National Midwifery Week:

National Midwifery Week is from October 3rd through October 9th that the American College of Nurse-Midwives created to recognize and celebrate midwives across the country!

Check out many of our local midwives in the CCCN Member directory to connect with midwives near you! Learn more about midwifery care on the Central Coast here.


World Mental Health Day: October 10th is World Mental Health Day. This day raises awareness of mental health issues and ways to help support those who may be experiencing anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health symptoms that make it difficult to participate in daily living. is hosting a walk, run or stroll for Maternal Mental Health on Saturday, October 9th and/or Sunday, October 10th, 2021. Learn more here. CCCN invites you to check out the Mental Health and Wellness providers in the CCCN Member Directory to connect with professionals near you for additional support.

Parenting during COVID-19 is hard. Be kind to yourself during this hard time. Take a look at Postpartum Permissions List blog post on our website. Say to yourself, “I am a good parent that deserves as much care as I give to my child/children.”

For additional pregnancy and postpartum support, check out CCCN local and web resources for valuable information and ways for you to find virtual support groups, help lines, and other professionals. Postpartum Support International (PSI) offers weekly online support meetings that may be beneficial to you. Check them out and attend a support meeting! (Photo Credit: PSI)

If you or someone you know are a healthcare professional needing additional tools, we invite you to check out and/or download Moodfit, a free app that allows you to monitor your moods, reduce stress, and strengthen the fitness of your mental health. (Photo Credit: Moodfit)

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day: October 15th- Today honors parents and families who experienced a pregnancy or infant loss to stillbirth, miscarriage, SIDS, or any other cause at any point during pregnancy or infancy. Last year CCCN participated in the global Wave of Light event. invites you to participate in the "International Wave of Light by lighting a candle at 7 pm local time to honor all babies gone too soon. Keep your candle lit for at least one hour to create a continuous "wave of light" across all time zones covering the entire globe!" Please join CCCN via Instagram on October 15th at 7pm as we share our candle and light of hope with all of you.

Remember, you are not alone. One in four women will lose a baby during pregnancy, delivery, or infancy ( For those of you or someone you know who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss, we invite you to learn more about our local resources and web resources available to guide you through this journey. These opportunities will help connect you with others who are also going through and experiencing similar experiences and emotions.

Postpartum Support International (PSI) also offers support groups for Loss & Grief in Pregnancy and Postpartum.

There is a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group for Moms that meets every Friday at 1:30pm ET/10:30am PT.

“Our online Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support group provides connection for mothers grieving the loss of their baby. Led by PSI trained facilitators, this group helps bereaved mothers find support as well as provides useful information and resources to help them navigate the pain of their loss. Losing a baby is often a lonely experience and this group helps provide an avenue for healing and hope. We are here to help.”

There is also a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group for Parents that meets every Monday at 1pm ET/10am PT.

“Our online Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support for Parents group provides connection for parents grieving the loss of their baby. Led by PSI trained facilitators, this group helps bereaved parents find support as well as provides useful information and resources to help them navigate the pain of their loss. Losing a baby is often a lonely experience and this group helps provide an avenue for healing and hope. We are here to help.”

Authored in collaboration with:

Morgan Jamati, CCCN Intern

Zabrina Cox, CtP Program Director


Disclaimer: The opinions or beliefs expressed by various authors on this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs, and viewpoints of Central Coast Childbirth Network, INC. Central Coast Childbirth Network, INC does not offer medical advice. The content on this blog is for informational purposes only. The author's opinions are based upon information they consider reliable; thus, Central Coast Childbirth Network warrants its completeness or accuracy and should not be relied upon as such.

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