November 2021 Awareness Month Highlights

Updated: Nov 23, 2021


November is the month to recognize National Diabetes Month. Nutrition plays an important role before, during, and after pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes can affect your plan of care. It is always important to talk to a medical provider to diagnose and treat health related conditions. Gestational diabetes (GD) is a condition when excess glucose, or sugar, stays in the blood stream instead of being used by the body for energy and functioning. This can lead to a variety of health concerns for an individual and can affect pregnant women in a multitude of ways. To learn more about GD, visit the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists.

For those experiencing GD or want resources and support, we invite you to check out local providers who offer nutrition support in our CCCN Member directory.

#CCCNMember, Pregnant and Hungry, offers nutritional support during pregnancy. They are a subscription-based website featuring simple, pregnancy-safe recipes for the modern mama-to-be.

“We're the only searchable collection of pregnancy-friendly recipes on the internet, every wholesome recipe is developed by women, for women. Eating for two? We got you.”

Check out Pregnant and Hungry’s instagram here.


November as National Adoption Awareness month. It is a time to celebrate families who have gone through the adoption process and to also recognize children who have been adopted themselves. The CCCN recognizes and honors families that have experienced adoption worldwide. It also allows for others to learn more about adoption and to spread awareness.

The CCCN also invites you to read one of our members, Michelle Graham book as she beautifully writes about her experiences with adoption.

“From tragedy to triumph, witness one birth mom’s unselfish love and her heartbreak in giving up her daughter for adoption. A lifetime of faith and strength along a broken road led to the beauty of an unimaginable reunion and New Joy!” Michelle Graham, Author.

To learn more about Michelle Graham and her story visit Michelle’s website here.


We want to take the time to recognize November 17th as International Prematurity Day. This global movement raises awareness of premature birth, as well as the impact it can have on families. According to March of Dimes, the United States has one of the highest preterm birth rates among developed nations and this rate continues to rise. In California, 1 in 11 babies in 2019 were born preterm (March of Dimes).

We invite you to check out the March of Dimes website to learn more about their mission of fighting for the health and well-being of mothers and babies. Here you can find additional resources and online support communities if you or someone you know is going through hard times or wants more information.

We also want to take this time to help honor and celebrate NICU families globally. The NICU is the neonatal intensive care unit which provides 24/7 support for premature or sick babies. We want to thank our NICU nurses and staff at our local hospitals: French Hospital, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, Marian Regional Medical Center,