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Resources and Inclusive Language for Family Planning and Family Building

According to the fact sheet compiled from the Family Planning Building Survey at Family Equality Council, "3.8 million LGBTQ Millennials are considering expanding their families in the coming years, and 2.9 million are actively planning to do so." Now more than ever as birth workers and advocates, we can begin (if you haven't already started) and continue the work to create affirming and safe family planning, building, and birth space for the LGBTQ+ community. This begins with educating ourselves, checking our own biases, and doing the work together. Family Equality highlights some of the issues LGBTQ + community faces when seeking family services.

Here is a great article, How Doulas and Midwives Around the Country Are Filling the Gaps in Birth Care for Queer Families, which draws attention to the need for more LGBTQ+ Identifying birth-workers. If you are interested in learning more about doula work for LGBTQ+ community or provide services to the LGBTQ+ community for family planning and building, birth, or parenting, please email us. We want to connect! 

Here are just a few National Organizations who acknowledge support the progress and advancement of inclusivity and equity in Perinatal Health for the LGBTQ+ Community:

Locally, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Twin Cities Community Hospital have earned the “LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader” designation from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) according to the website. Learn more about the Healthcare Equity Leader diesignation here. On Sierra Vista's hospital website there is a helpful resource page dedicated for LGBTQ+ patients.

For birth workers: Birthing from Within posted an article on their blog, 12 Ways to Change Birth in our Culture, Part 11: Use Inclusive Language In Your Birth Practice, written by Megan Malone-Franklin. There is a great PDF slide of Transgender Care and Considerations by AWHONN, the Association of Women's Health, obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, which includes positive examples of ways to use inclusive language in Labor and Delivery.

For our LGBTQ+ community who are family planning, building, and parents, CCCN is

working with our Diversity and Inclusion committee in collaboration with local organizations and advocates of the LGBTQ+ community to bring education, resources, and services to you and healthcare/birth workers. All of our members are offered Family Equality’s Open Door Professional Training Programs. The program provides LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion training for employers and family-building health care providers.

Thank you to GALA Pride and Diversity Center, Cal Poly Pride Center, and the Pacific Pride Foundation for providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ community and allies to thrive .

Please reach out to us and let us know the needs of the LGBTQ+ community for family planning and building on the Central Coast.

Stay Connected,

The CCCN Team


King-Miller, Lindsay.How Doulas and Midwives Around the Country Are Filling the Gaps in Birth Care for Queer Families. 2018 March 22.

Photo Credit: Wix

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