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Two Births Doula Services

Hello I'm Ashley, owner of Two Births Doula Services! I am a double-trained, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula (Cornerstone Doula Trainings) serving families in North and South San Luis Obispo County. I am a mother of two, an artist, writer, vegetable and medicinal herb gardener and owner of Skin to Skin, an organic skincare line for moms and babies. I believe birth is a normal physiological event and love nothing more than to see a woman connecting with the lineage that came before her. I care deeply about advocating for a birthing person's autonomy and human rights. I support families from pregnancy to postpartum, championing their prenatal health and seeing them to the other side of their motherhood identity. My doula work is meant to bring comfort, wisdom, education, laughter, and empowerment to the expecting family. I look forward to sharing the sacred space of your birth and postpartum experience!

(612) 532-1908

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA



Beyond the Bump

I believe every person has the right to informed care and evidence based research. I work with families from preconception through postpartum and beyond through education, birth support, nutrition and movement.

(831) 402-4351

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

DONA Certified Doula, Professional Placenta Encapsulation, Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Support

Demi’s Birth Services

Birth is a transformational time in our lives. I believe in supporting women and families during their labor, birth process and postpartum journey. I take pride in making my clients feel safe, cared for and considered through it all.

(805) 423-4706

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Barbara County, CA, USA

Trained Birth Doula


Molly Held Birth Services

I am committed to supporting women through pregnancy, birth, & postpartum. I strongly believe that women deserve to birth on their own terms and as your doula, I will assist you in whatever shape that takes, be it at the hospital, your home, or a birthing facility. I will also provide you with up to date and evidence based information to guide you in your decision-making.

(805) 440-5554

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

SLO Birth Collective

SLO Birth Collective is a place where we are passionate about childbirth, from preconception all the way through parenting. We committed to helping birthing people find the best evidence based support, education and resources to fit their particular needs. We hope that SLO Birth & Doula Collective will be a safe haven for you.

(805) 400-3194

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Maria, CA, USA

SMV Doula Collective

SMV Doula Collective was created out of a deep desire to help birthing people in the Santa Maria Valley as they go through one of the biggest transitions of creating a family. Our hope is that the SMV Doula Collective will help families easily find the Doula that is the best fit for you, your preferences, and your journey.

(805) 363-3693

Santa Maria, CA, USA

Lactation Education Counselor, Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, Trained BINI Birth Doula, Bachelor of Science in Environmental & City Planning


The Gardening Doula

Steeped in nature connection, trained in doula and lactation support. Provides service in preconception to postpartum. Focused on postpartum planning in the labor phase and womxn centered postpartum care. Also, offers classes for youth, families and womxn in nature.

(805) 459-6752

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Certified Birth Doula
Certified Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula
Certified Ayurvedic Belly Binder
Certified Babywearing Educator


Ashley Daoust

It has been such a joy and a pleasure serving Central Coast families in their journeys into parenthood, whether it was their first time or fifth time. Birth work is my heart's work, and I will hold each and every doula family in my heart. In early 2022 I took a sabbatical in doula work to start a journey of my own as a surrogate for a past doula family of mine. During my pregnancy and into my postpartum, I have reflected a lot on the new season I am entering and have decided to make my sabbatical permanent and focus more on my role as a mother to my children and as a board member & program director for Central Coast Childbirth Network. I am excited to be more involved with the non-profit and get to know our members and our community more.

(805) 801-1461

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Barbara County, CA, USA

BA Child Development, NRP, CPR

Boonbani Birth Doula Services

Spending time on thirty mile long backpacking trips and listening to mother earth has instilled in me a deep understanding of the cycles of life. I wish to awaken this knowledge within every family I serve. Studying midwifery and practicing as a DONA trained doula is my way of honoring a lineage of women who have come before me and preserving the sacred traditions of birth for future generations.

(310) 619-0731

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Santa Maria, CA, USA

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

IBCLC, DONA and CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula

Go With the Flow Lactation and Doula Services

Hello. I am a DONA and CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula and UCSD trained International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I am passionate about helping with the transition to parenthood and your growing family. I offer daytime or nighttime doula services as well as support to meet your feeding goals, and would be honored to be a part of your family's journey

(661) 645-2234

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Maria, CA, USA

Birth Doula

Rooted Birth

Fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum are all sacred transitions with many paths to follow. My highest goal is to provide evidence based research, community resources and a safe environment in order for you to feel rooted during these transitions.


San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Santa Maria, CA, USA

CAPPA and DONA Certified Doulas

SLO Doula Connection

Our Mission is to provide you with a listing of our well-trained Doulas Members, who have agreed to a consistent Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice. These Doulas work for you on your support team and act collaboratively with your chosen medical care providers. Doulas are available at all levels of experience for birthing women on the Central Coast area of California, with their corresponding fee range.

(805) 245-1202

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

MA, PhD, CLC, CLD, CPD, LMFT#134149

SYV Therapy

Supporting children ages 0-10 and their parents with achieving overall mental and developmental wellness. SYV Therapy provides counseling, coaching/education, and developmental services via play-based activities and talk therapy. SYV Therapy also provides birth/postpartum doula services.

(805) 621-6741

2928 San Marcos Avenue, Los Olivos, CA, USA

Certified Birth Doula

Well-Watered Doula

My desire is to make women feel heard, safe, empowered, loved, protected, and supported in the birth experience they desire and are designed for. Without a shadow of a doubt, I believe in a woman’s ability to give birth because of our Creator. No matter how many times or ways you've given birth, each experience should be treated with reverence and respect.

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Northern Santa Barbara County

Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Education, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor


Beauty Way Birth

Located on the central coast of California, I am a dedicated doula, yoga instructor, childbirth educator, and Ayurvedic counselor. Through this work, I lead with a unified mission to support women through pregnancy, childbirth, and their postpartum journey. Combining the ancient traditions of Ayurveda with my extensive education in womens wellness and background in yoga, I have designed a sacred suite of offerings to support, heal, and guide new mothers and their growing families.

Certified Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor


Choose This Moment Birth Services

Hello, my name is Jes, I am a CAPPA International certified Labor Doula and a trained Postpartum Doula (also through CAPPA), I am also a 200hr trained Yoga instructor and 85hr certified Prenatal Yoga instructor. My role as your doula would be to help educate, support, and honor your birth and postpartum choices, without judgement, helping you to stay fully in the present moment, and to remind you to breath. I believe that giving birth is not only about welcoming a new member to our family, but also about birthing new identities of our own, and would love to help support you through that transition.

(530) 318-7335

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA


Great Oaks Doula

I am a newly trained postpartum and birth doula, serving SLO county. I have 2 children of my own and fervently believe in supporting families as they move through the journey of pregnancy and postpartum.

(414) 378-6368

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

DONA Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing Doula, Day/Night Postpartum Doula, Essential Oil Specialist, Ayurvedic Belly Wrapper, & CCCN Ambassador