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CCCN Intern Highlight July 2021

Central Coast Childbirth Network (CCCN) is excited to announce its first internship program and introduce our first round of student interns this summer.

This Spring, the CCCN's program, Professionals to Community (PtC), began developing partnerships and community support with a mission-driven focus to offer experience, skill-building, and mentorship through student internship opportunities. "As the PtC Director, I look forward to helping the community with the completed directory, all the informative content that will be coming out over the next several months, and the statistics we will be establishing. Equally, I look forward to getting to know each Intern and mentoring them during and beyond the summer as they develop into the next group of graduates and professionals", says Susannah Brown, Professionals to Community Program Director.

Zabrina Cox, President/CEO, also shares her excitement. "Our non-profit relies on the dedication and hours from volunteers and interns to continue to forward the Mission of CCCN. As a Cuesta College and Cal Poly Alumni, supporting and involving our local aspiring college students and students with diverse major concentrations from other campuses through this program is an honor and rewarding experience. I am enthusiastic to see the collaboration of this summer's interns under the mentorship of our program director with birth and wellness professionals in the community to create a virtual and physical platform that bridges the birth and wellness professionals on the Central Coast to the community."

Learn more about the CCCN Intern program and Interns below.

What is the CCCN Student Internship?

The CCCN student internship program analyzes and communicates informative data, statistics, and infographics to promote the impact and need for professionals, care, and birth and wellness advocacy on the Central Coast. Additionally, we aim to present community and mission-driven resources and information through content creation.

The CCCN student intern groups consist of highly skilled individuals with various interests. Our interns communicate on project planning, interact with professionals and organizational leaders, collect and visualize information and directory. Additionally, this project is based on the skills and interests of each individual, including social media strategy, nonprofit fundamentals, business fundamentals, organizational structuring, planning and communications, and budgets.


Central Coast Childbirth Network Presents:

Ashley Vu

Cal Poly Slo

Majoring in Biomedical Engineering

"I am super excited to join the CCCN family! I look forward to learning more about maternity and childbirth, while also being able to help educate our community. I think that it is extremely important for parents to be able to have easy access to resources and professionals. I look forward to joining a passionate team and network that does just that!"


Dante Coletta

UC Santa Barbara

Majoring in Statistics and Data Science

"I am excited to forward the mission of CCCN through data analysis and visualization alongside a diverse team."


Abby Whorton

Cal Poly Slo

Majoring in Business Administration - Financial Management

"I look forward to this internship because I am really excited to make a real difference in the lives of countless children and mothers. Something I’ve focused a lot on in my studies is the relationship between health and success, which begins even before birth. I look forward to making a meaningful impact this summer as a CCCN intern."

Authored in collaboration with:

Bernice Nuñez, CCCN Summer 2021 Intern

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