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Dr. Carla Nerelli, L.Ac, DACM, and Dr. Yvonne Yang, D.O. talk Preconception Care and Family Planning

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CCCN Coffee Connection co-host Alexandra Klein spoke with local birth and wellness professionals Dr. Carla Nerelli, L.Ac, DACM, and Dr. Yvonne Yang, D.O., in March 2021.

Thank you, Dr. Carla Nerelli and Dr. Yvonne Yang, for speaking with us about Family Planning! We loved hearing about the approach you both take to care for families trying to conceive, which includes evaluating and caring for the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of one's health.

Dr. Carla Nerelli, L.Ac, DACM, shared her passion for working with families struggling to conceive. She prides herself on helping families understand cycles, create change with egg or sperm health, and regulate hormones. When Dr. Nerelli works with surrogacy, IVF/IUI, and social infertility, she will determine the appropriate timing to order labs, imaging, semen analysis, and discuss a plan, the patient's willingness, interest, and ideal timeline. Dr. Nerelli's approach to care is to focus on the roots of the tree so that the branches can flourish.

Dr. Nerelli describes three subsets of clients she focuses on: 1) Preconception of Family Planning: people who are not trying yet but looking to start trying within three months to six months prior, 2) People who are actively trying who've been trying for six months or a year and haven't had any success. Generally, already working with an Obstetrician, reproductive endocrinologist, or exploring options before starting any western treatments/therapies, 3) People who are actively trying with IUI, IVF, or other treatments.

Other highlights from Dr. Carla Nerelli

  • Sperm health does take about three months to see noticeable changes.

  • "Most people don't actually know much about their cycles that their education was pretty lacking."

"[Acupuncture] It's everything. It's physical; it's emotional and spiritual, it hits on all the levels, which is why I love acupuncture because Western medicine doesn't typically they're good at the medical side of it, but there's, there's not much holding space for the emotional side of the spiritual side of any assisted reproduction."- Dr. Carla Nerelli

Dr. Yvonne Yang, D.O. highlighted her work as a licensed Osteopathic Physician practicing Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM), saying she often works as a bridge between Western Medicine and what Eastern Medicine already knows to treat a person's cells at that moment in time.

Highlights from Dr. Yvonne Yang, D.O.

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) or Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) "it's like the hands-on bodywork component to medicine."

  • OMM/OMT addresses all body tissues and how they all relate to this dynamic bio-tensegrities system. Including:bone ligaments, fascia muscles, vasculature nerves, lymphatics

  • "So we respond to body tissues and what they need at that moment in time, understanding that not all type muscles need a massage. Not all stuck vertebras need to be cracked. Not all sensitive people need myofascial treatment because it's not a one-size-fits-all. We don't treat the protocol. We treat each person's unique trauma history."

  • OMM/OMT is practiced inpatient and outpatient clinic setting, as well in the hospital.

  • Common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms that can be treated with OMM/OMT: Back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, GERD, constipation, swelling, hemorrhoids, and Postpartum Depression

  • OMM/OMT optimizes pregnancy to increase the chance of avoiding inductions and cesareans and later incisional pain, and adhesion as needed.

Please visit their websites to learn more about Dr. Carla Nerelli, L.Ac, DACM, and Dr. Yvonne Yang, D.O.

*Dr. Carla Nereilli (At this time is not accepting new patients.)

Coffee Connection Highlight Authored by

Morgan Jamati, CCCN Intern

Zabrina Cox, CtP Director

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