March 2022 Coffee Connection Highlight: Doula Support & Resources on the Central Coast, CA

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This month, CCCN highlights Doula support for Families and peer support for birth workers. Join us in reflecting on our first Coffee Connection of 2022!

CCCN Coffee Connection co-host and CtP Program Director Zabrina Cox spoke with local birth and wellness professionals about ✨doula support and resources on the Central Coast.✨

We were joined by local doulas Teresa Gibson, CLD, from SLO Doula Connection, Alexandria Porter, CLD (DONA), from Birth Within Doula, and Alexandra Klein, CLD, from SMV Doula Collective. We also heard from Nikki Taylor, Student Midwife and Apprentice with Kinship Midwifery and Pure Birth.

A B I G thank you to the CCCN Team, including #cccninterns, our co-host, guest speakers, #cccnmembers and event host Rock and Roll Diner for coming together and making this a highly enjoyable and attended event!

About Teresa Gibson, CLD with SLO Doula Connection

Teresa Gibson is a Certified Labor Doula with SLO Doula Connection. SLO Doula Connection's Mission is "to provide you with a listing of our well-trained Doulas Members, who have agreed to a consistent Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice. These Doulas work for you on your support team and act collaboratively with your chosen medical care providers. Doulas are available at all levels of experience for birthing women on the Central Coast area of California, with their corresponding fee range*."

Teresa is also a Certified Postpartum Doula and Spinning Babies Parent Educator. She is also known as Doula Teresa.

About Alexandria Porter, CLD (DONA) with Birth Within Doula

Alexandria Porter is a Certified Labor Doula (DONA) and owner of Birth Within Doula. She is also Certified Lactation Counselor (ALPP) and Le Leche League Leader. Alexandria is trained in Spinning Babies and wants to look for education and skills to help birthing families have easier birth and breastfeeding experiences.

She has a passion for combining breastfeeding support and doula work together. She enjoys doing prenatal education about breastfeeding with her clients as well as discuss barriers that they may have to overcome during pregnancy and postpartum. She provides breastfeeding support prenatally and through postpartum. She currently, runs The Doula Circle, a peer support group for local doulas on the central coast.

About Alexandria Klein, CLD with SMV Doula Collective

Alexandria Klein is a Certified Labor Doula with SMV Doula Collective. "SMV Doula Collective was created out of a deep desire to help birthing people in the Santa Maria Valley as they go through one of the biggest transitions of creating a family. Our hope is that the SMV Doula Collective will help families easily find the Doula that is the best fit for you, your preferences, and your journey."

About Nikki Taylor, Student Midwife and Apprentice with Kinship Midwifery and Pure Birth

Nikki Taylor is a current Student Midwife and Apprentice at Kinship Midwifery and Pure Birth. She values how doulas in a home-birth setting are amazing emotional support systems for clients. The midwives that she works with love working with doulas in the community.

Here are a few highlights from this month's Coffee Connection:

  • Nikki Taylor was able to highlight the differences between doulas and midwives. Primarily, midwives are medical providers that provide qualifi