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October CCCN New and Renewed Membership

Central Coast Childbirth Network (CCCN) is proud to have exceptional members that are also dedicated to our mission and vision. CCCN Members amplify our vision to be a leading organization for the birth and wellness professionals on the Central Coast, building a platform to bridge the professionals' information and education to the community.

We would like to introduce and thank the New and Renewed CCCN Memberships from October 2021. Thank you for your support!

Gardening Doula


Steeped in nature connection, trained in doula and lactation support. Provides service in preconception to postpartum. Focused on postpartum planning in the labor phase and womxn centered postpartum care. Also, offers classes for youth, families and womxn in nature.

Alisha Anderson

Fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum are all sacred transitions with many paths to follow. My highest goal is to provide evidence based research, community resources and a safe environment in order for you to feel rooted during these transitions.

Do you want to connect with other local birth and wellness professionals? Are you looking for resources from preconception through the first year of parenting? Learn more about CCCN Members in our UPDATED online directory.

Authored in collaboration with:

Morgan Jamati, CCCN Intern

Zabrina Cox, President/CEO

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