September 2021: Central Coast Childbirth Network Newsletter

We are always so thankful to connect with YOU, our CCCN Members and local community members.


Hello Central Coast!

This past month, the CCCN has been putting out a lot of fun and educational content in efforts of supporting birth and wellness professionals and families on the Central Coast. We have a lot of amazing events, announcements, and posts lined up for September that we are so excited to share with all of you. As an organization, a lot of what we do is centered on improving health and wellness outcomes locally. We know that the collaborations we have with one another are valuable when we are together, while we are also aware that for about 18 months, we have been operating in a primarily virtual space. The CCCN Board of Directors continue to discuss creating valuable opportunities to connect with professionals and the community. We will continue updating and revising our plan moving forward in person that aligns with local, state, and federal guidelines with your health and well-being our priority. We look forward to sharing in-person events when possible with you again soon.

We've continued to connect with impactful community partners, and we've had a tremendous amount of support these past few months from our internship program. CCCN Interns created many informative content pieces on our blog post on a varitey of topics. This month topics such as preconception and infertility support will be the main focus of our informative content. If you have a topic you are passionate about, specialize in, or want to learn more about, send us a message!

"Hope is an embrace of the unknown." -Rebecca Solnit



Last day to register is September 12th, please visit the event link to REGISTER Today.


At our most recent Coffee Connection #cccnmembers were joined by Caitlin Johnson, CLT.

A few highlights from our conversation with Caitlin Johnson today:

"PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is the number 1 ovulation issue for fertility"