September 2021: Central Coast Childbirth Network Newsletter

We are always so thankful to connect with YOU, our CCCN Members and local community members.


Hello Central Coast!

This past month, the CCCN has been putting out a lot of fun and educational content in efforts of supporting birth and wellness professionals and families on the Central Coast. We have a lot of amazing events, announcements, and posts lined up for September that we are so excited to share with all of you. As an organization, a lot of what we do is centered on improving health and wellness outcomes locally. We know that the collaborations we have with one another are valuable when we are together, while we are also aware that for about 18 months, we have been operating in a primarily virtual space. The CCCN Board of Directors continue to discuss creating valuable opportunities to connect with professionals and the community. We will continue updating and revising our plan moving forward in person that aligns with local, state, and federal guidelines with your health and well-being our priority. We look forward to sharing in-person events when possible with you again soon.

We've continued to connect with impactful community partners, and we've had a tremendous amount of support these past few months from our internship program. CCCN Interns created many informative content pieces on our blog post on a varitey of topics. This month topics such as preconception and infertility support will be the main focus of our informative content. If you have a topic you are passionate about, specialize in, or want to learn more about, send us a message!

"Hope is an embrace of the unknown." -Rebecca Solnit



Last day to register is September 12th, please visit the event link to REGISTER Today.


At our most recent Coffee Connection #cccnmembers were joined by Caitlin Johnson, CLT.

A few highlights from our conversation with Caitlin Johnson today:

"PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is the number 1 ovulation issue for fertility"

"PCOS can be confirmed by a variety of factors but not by one factor alone"

"PCOS is now thought to effect 1-in-6 or 1-in-8 women"

"IBCLC Lisa Marasco, focuses on the relationship between PCOS and Lactation Support, in Santa Barbara County Public Health Dept. Nutrition Services/ WIC"

CCCN Members, join us for our next CCCN Coffee connection Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 at 9 AM via Zoom.


#CCCNMembers attending CCCN Quarterly Connection

Last month, it was refreshing to catch up with New and Founding #CCCNMembers at our CCCN Quarterly Connection. Despite differences in our occupation or stage in life, we ALL shared in common that being outdoors anywhere in our favorite places was the highlight of our summer.

Our CCCN Quarterly Connections are valuable to our Members and inquiring birth and wellness professionals to learn more about CCCN and share valuable resources as CCCN Members.

The next quarterly connection is November 19th 6:00-6:45PM PST. Location is TBD at this time. Contact if interested in attending.


We are excited to announce August New and Renewed CCCN Membership. Click on image to learn more.

Please help us welcome:

  • Katrina Bolduc Birth Services

  • Sheryl Gross, Go with the Flow Lactation & Doula Services

  • Pregnant & Hungry

  • Teresa Gibson, Doula Teresa

  • Wildflower Medicine

  • Two Births Doula


Wether you are a new parent or birth and wellness professional, you will want to stay connected with helpful resources on our community calendar. For more upcoming events, check out our community calendar. Do you have an event you want to share? Email us at or tag us on IG!


Our CCCN Summer Interns contribute their time to: Informative Content, Website, Newsletter, Virtual Directory, Designing a Physical Directory Tri-fold, Data and Statistics research, Infographics, and so much more. In August CCCN Interns contributed 125 intern hours! We are so thankful for their dedication and support. This month our summer cohort of CCCN interns will complete a successful intern program. Two new Interns start this month. Learn more about Morgan here. Megan, CCCN Intern Bio coming soon!

Read recent informative content published from CCCN Interns.


Did you know we highlight Awareness Months, Weeks and Days on topics from preconception through the first year of parenting? Yes, we do each month! These are great to add to your your social media calendar or learn something thing new.

Check out CCCN New blog post HERE for more information.

Made possible in collaboration with Ashley Vu, CCCN Intern. We greatly appreciate your support!

Do you know of any other important Awareness days or months for September? Please share in the comments.

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To learn more about the CCCN Board of Directors, please visit our updated BOD webpage to learn more.

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Did you hear our recent announcement? We are proud NEW members of the South County Chamber of Commerce! We are excited to use membership benefits to connect, collaborate with valuable community partners to strengthen our Mission, Programs, and Services to birth and wellness professionals and families on the Central Coast. Read our recent South County Chamber highlight here.